Using Elixinol CBD Oil For Anxiety Review and Coupon


Elixinol CBD Oil Tincture Quick Stats

  • Each 15 ml bottle contains 300 mg of CBD
  • Price: $60 – $599
  • Contains 300 – 5,000 mg of CBD
  • VG-based (vegetable glycerin)
  • All natural whole plant extract hemp oil
  • Kosher VG, organic hemp oil
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil (contains full range of cannabinoids)
  • Can be used as a food supplement

Elixinol CBD Oil Product's

Choose from over 8 amazing CBD oil products designed to help with anxiety and depression

Elixinol Company Overview 

Elixinol is a Colorado-based company that puts a special emphasis on manufacturing what they claim to be the highest-quality CBD hemp extracts the world over. Each of their CBD oil tinctures ranges in quantity and flavor, and they claim to hold the most advanced formula for a CBD supplement. Elixinol is as effective as it is versatile due to its multi-use design that allows for easy handling and convenience. Elixinol CBD oil is intended as a dietary supplement.


  • Offers a range of flavors
  • Non-psychoactive
  • An effective treatment for various conditions
  • Comes in an easy to use bottle for easy application
  • Provides an alternative to over the counter medications
  • Effective for anxiety and depression
  • Fast acting


  • Some price points are considered to be high
  • Those who suffer from lung conditions can have issues vaping this product (but can be taken orally)

Elixinol CBD Oil Ingredients 

  • Kosher VG, organic hemp oil
  • VG-based (vegetable glycerin
  • Hemp Extract, Full Spectrum CBD Oil


Name CBD Content Price Flavors
Respira Hemp Oil
300mg's $60 Grape Mint and Natural Flavors Buy Now
CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops
3600mg's $296 Natural and Cinnamint Buy Now
CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops
300mg's $59.99 Natural And Cinnamint Buy Now
Extracto Rico Em CBD Cannabidiol
5,000mg's $599.00 Natural [Buy Now

Effective Treatment For

  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Fights Depression
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Alleviates Pain
  • Promotes Bone Growth

Taste and Flavors 

The Elixinol brand offers a broad range of flavors which include: Grape Mint, Natural, and cinnamint. In terms of quantity, there are more natural flavor Elixinol products then flavored, but if you’re looking for more than the natural taste (which has been described as not tasty at all), it’s recommended that you try something with a bit of a flavor shot to it.

How To Use Elixinol CBD Oil 

The full spectrum hemp extract tinctures can be ingested in a number of ways. You can use it with a vape pen, applied as drops under the tongue, or as a food additive. It’s recommended that you use CBD oil to supplement your current diet, not to outright replace your other dietary supplements (unless you're advised otherwise by a medical professional).


CBD Oil Products 

There are quite a few products offered by the Elixinol brand, each varying in quantity:

The Verdict

Elixinol makes a bold claim that they make the highest quality hemp extracts in the world. What with their high-quality ingredients, wide range of CBD tinctures, and easy to use bottle that very well may be true. Elixinol certainly has an excellent reputation, and their products are most certainly worth a try if you suffer from anxiety or chronic pain.

Elixinol CBD Oil Product's

Choose from over 8 amazing CBD oil products designed to help with anxiety and depression

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