Blue Moon Hemp (Red Devil) CBD Oil For Anxiety

Blue Moon Hemp Red Devil CBD Oil Quick Stats

  • “Whole Plant” extract
  • Naturally occurring CBD
  • 100 mg and 400 mg bottle
  • All natural or berry flavored taste
  • Price range: $34.99 – $64.99


Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil Product's

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Blue Moon Hemp CBD Oil Company Overview

Blue Moon Hemp Company has been in business since 2008, so they have nine years of experience within the industry. Blue Moon obtains its CBD extract from the highest-quality sativa plants in Eastern Europe. Blue Moon’s CBD oil contains naturally occurring CBD, and the hemp plants are grown in an all-natural environment. That means there are no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers to worry about.



  • Very affordable
  • Offers an alternative to the natural earthy taste of CBD Oil
  • Great For Anxiety and Depression
  • An effective treatment for various conditions
  • Comes in an easy to use bottle for easy application
  • Provides an alternative to over the counter medications


  • Those who suffer from lung issues may have issues vaping this product

Red Devil CBD Oil Can Effectively Treat

  • Epilepsy
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Lack of focus
  • Pain

Name CBD Content Price
100mg's $34.99 Buy Now
400mg's $64.99 Buy Now
100mg's $34.99 Buy Now


Products, Ingredients, and Price


Pure CBD Oil – 100 mg ($34.99) & 400 mg ($64.99)


pure cbd oil for anxietyThis particular CBD product provides an unflavored earthy taste when consumed. This oil originated from the hemp plants located in the Swiss Alps and is considered to be a “whole plant” extract that allows for all 60 Cannabinoids. The hemp plants used to make this product has been bred specifically to contain high amounts of Cannabinoids.

Red Devil CBD Oil – 100 mg ($34.99)


Red Devil CBDThe Red Devil is a 70 VG/ 30 PG CBD e-juice blend and is made from the CBD oil that’s extracted from the industrial hemp plants in Switzerland. The Red Devil provides an alternative regarding flavor as it combines the all-natural taste of CBD oil with a berry flavor shot. Red Devil is a viable option for those who prefer sweeter tasting oil.


How To Use Blue Moon Hemp CBD Products

Blue Moon Hemp Company CBD oils come in an easy to use, high-quality glass bottle. The cap also doubles as a dripper that allows you to extract the exact amount of oil that you need. It’s popular to mix with various e-juices (unless you’re using the Red Devil), but you can apply it directly to your pallet or vape it directly from a tank. The manufacturer warns that mixing this oil with other e-juices will dilute the potency of the CBD.

The Verdict

Once again we’ve found a CBD product that successfully deals with anxiety and other life-changing conditions. This product certainly checks out and it’s reviewed rather well. Give it a try if you’re in the market for CBD oil.


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